Adult ADD Solution E-Course

This online Adult ADD course offers holistic, client-tested approaches to overcoming Adult ADD.  Includes vIdeos, audio and emailed lessons.

Adult ADD Summit

17 Videos from top Adult ADD experts on topics from procrastination to managing impulsivity. 


Hi George, I just wanted to drop you a message to let you know how much I am enjoying all the speakers. I appreciate the free pass to all the classes. I am not a business owner but do struggle with productivity in my retirement. I enjoy the format of the speaker and you interacting and the fact that the timeframe of less than 1 hours keeps my attention.
Judy Thagard


What do you get with a free pass?

Interviews with 17 productivity thought leaders and visionaries, sharing their insights on cultivating a more productive lifestyle.  You get access to five expert videos each day from February 24th to February 28th.  The five expert videos will disappear after 24 hours so plan to spend an hour or more each day watching the videos before they are gone. 

What do I get with the ALL-ACCESS PASS?

  • All the 17 expert videos are viewable from day one of the summit. You will then have access to the videos forever and can watch at your leisure. 
  • A daily productivity-in-action video challenge, emailed to you every day of the summit, giving you the chance to practice the skills learned in a grounded and practical way. Examples include, learning to time block your calendar, implenting white boards into your organizational system and "externalizing your motivation" to be more productive
  • PLUS ONE LIVE online group coaching session with Dr. Sachs. nationally recognized productivity expert and host of the Productivity Challenge. ($150 Value)
  • Bonus free content from the experts, which includes a FREE HOUR of business coaching from one of the productivity experts. 
  • FREE EBOOK: The Productivity Solution. Pages of tools, tips and techniques to improve productivity.