Adult ADD Solution E-Course by George Sachs

Adult ADD Solution E-Course

This e-course offers holistic, client-tested solutions to managing and thriving with Adult ADD. Created by Dr. George Sachs, Adult ADD expert. Click the video to learn more.  Also get 17 free expert videos from the Adult ADD Holistic Summit 50% Off.

You will benefit from this course if:

  • You’re always late for appointments, or forget about them altogether
  • You’ve lost your cellphone, wallet or keys more times than you’d like to admit.
  • Your desk at work or home looks like a disaster area.
  • You can’t seem to relax or sit still in meetings or even on your couch at home.
  • You lose your temper easily and flip out on people all the time.
  • You interrupt other people when they’re working or talking.
  • You can’t sit and work for more than a few minutes without losing focusing and being distracted.
  • You start things, projects, hobbies, but never finish them.
  • You’ve been fired, lost relationships, due to your issues.

Click the video to learn about the 30 Day program.


How does program and e-course work?

Every day for 30 days you will receive (via email) content on a particular subject related to Adult ADD. Weekends will be a time for review and light discussion. This same information will also be online for you to watch, read or listen to at your convenience via the e-course. 

In addition to the online program, you can join a twice a month group online video conference with Dr. Sachs.

Are you against medication?

Many of my clients have tried medication, hoping for a miracle to cure their worst symptoms. The truth is medication can be effective for some, but most of my clients stop taking it because of the the side effects—and then where are they? No better off than when they first started. That is why I coach them that they need to learn tools and new techniques to better manage their life with Adult ADD. That is what this program does — offers holistic actionable advice that can be implemented immediately. With no negative side effects!

What do you mean by holistic?

I believe in a holistic approach that starts with sleep, diet and exercise and includes emotional, relational and spiritual practices to truly overcome Adult ADD. This course deals with more than just tips to become more organized. We examine the impact of a life of untreated Adult ADD, and how that effects self-esteem, relationships and overall success. The key word is “overall.” That is our holistic approach, because Adult ADD impacts all areas of one’s life.

Dr. George Sachs

My name is George Sachs. I’m a clinical psychologist and expert in Adult ADD. I also have Adult ADD so much of what I teach comes from my own personal experience.

I was never satisfied with the books I read on Adult ADD. The advice was hard to follow and was clearly not created by someone with ADD. The tools, tips and techniques I developed for this online learning program have been field tested by me, and my clients with great success.